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Amino Acid 80% Powder


Amino Acid is an elemental composite unit of protein and made of natural vegetal protein.

It is a kind of biologic organism and contains 18 kinds of amino acid with fully solubility. 


Appearance: Light yellow Powder

Water Solubility: 100% 

Amino Acid Content: 80%

Nitrogen Content: 13.5%

Function& Benefits 

1.Participate in Protein Synthesis of plants;                            

2.Increase chlorophyll concentration in the plant

3.Enhance resistance to bad climatic conditions              

4.Increase percentage of total nitrogen in soil                             

5.Improve soil structure and reduce nutrient losses

Recommended Application

Dilution Rate:               

Foliar Spray: 1: 1500-2000, 2-3 times in the vegetative

Drip Irrigation: 1: 3000-4000, 2-3 times in the vegetative 

Remarks: Continuously use Intervals 7-14 days 


Packing:20KG Kraft Bag or customized packing

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