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Humic Acid 

Plixiris Humic Acid concentrated humic acid extracted from young active leonardite mine.Presented as 

the powder or granul, it has a feature of wonderful water solubility in a wide span of PH value including 

the slightly acid conditions; the small molecular weight enhances its chelating capability and enables it 

more easily to be uptake by plant.


Features & Benefits 

Humic Acid can improve the soil structure and Reduce nutrient losses.

Humic Acid improve nutrient uptake by the root system and promote root development


Recommended Application

In Agriculture:

1. Humic Acid is the best additive for organic fertilizer

2. Humic Acid can be used as raw material for humates based fertilizers

3. Humic Acid can be used as soil ameliorator, plant growth stimulator and fertilizer improver.

In Industry:

Humic acid can be used as oil drilling fluid stabilizer, cement and ceramic additive, 

wastewater treatment agent, cathodal plate additive for accumulator




Guarantee   value


Humic Acid


Organic Matter



Black   Granular / Powder


Package: 25Kgs bag or others packing as per clients, request.