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Mono Potassium Phosphate 0-52-34


MKP is a fully water-soluble phosphate fertilizer, a highly efficient source of phosphorus and potassium for plants. As a nitrogen-free fertilizer, MKP is the preferred source of phosphorus and potassium when nitrogen fertilization should be limited.


Appearance: White Crystal

Main content(KH2PO4): ≥99%

P2O5: ≥51.5%

K2O: ≥34%

Recommended Application

Dilution Rate:               

Foliar Spray: 1: 80-100, 2-3 times in the vegetative

Drip Irrigation: 1:100-200, 2-3 times in the vegetative 

Remarks: Continuously use Intervals 7-14 days 



8KG bag or customized packing