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Monoammonium Phosphate 12-61-0


MAP is derived from ammonia and phosphoric acid neutralization reaction. It is a fast-acting water-soluble fertilizer used for topdressing. MAP is the most important basic raw materials of the compound fertilizer and BB fertilizer.


Appearance: White Crystal

NH4H2PO4 content: ≥98%

Water Solubility: ≥99.9%

P2O5 content: ≥60.5%.

N content: ≥11.8%

Recommended Application

1.Basal dressing: 5-10 kg per acre mixed with fine soil or manure application.

2. Root- irrigation: Diluted with 500-1000 times water.

3. Water flush fertilizer and drip: 5-10 kg per acre irrigation of crops in the field evenly flushes.


8KG bag or customized packing