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Di-Ammonium Phosphate 


DAP is a high quality source of nitrogen and phosphorus during the growth of plants. It consists of moderate nitrogen and enrich with highly efficient phosphorus, full water soluble, and instantly absorbed by plants. 


DAP 21-53-0 White Crystal

DAP 18-46-0 Round Granule

Recommended Application

1.Suggest concentration: 0.1%-0.2%

2.Apply frequency: spray every 7-10 days, total 3-4 times during the initial and growth stage of plants life cycle.

3.Apply time: apply before 10:00 am or 16:00 pm to achieve the best result. Do not apply in rainy day or noon of sunshiny day.

4.Drip irrigation and fertigation: Suggest concentration: 0.1%-0.2%


25KG bag or customized packing