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Function & Benefits  

1.Excellent stability with Fe to be protected.

2.Excellent availability for the plant and easy Fe exchange.

3.It’s useful to correct iron chlorosis through the roots in calcareous soils.


Recommended Application

1. Irrigating Root: Dig a groove chout 15-20 cm deep around the crown of the tree or along both sides of the plant , pour the solution evenly into the groove and immediately filled it in. The amount of water adding to the solution should be able to make the solution evenly spread out and be soaked in the root.

2.Drip irrigation: Added to water periodically, how often it is applied depends on how bad the plant needs Fe.Use about 100 to 150 g each acre

3. Foliar spraying: To be diluted 1000 to 2000 times with water.


As a foliar fertilizer and compound fertilizer raw materials: due to the lack of a fertilizer will lead to a lack of other trace fertilizers, therefore, before fertilization we should determine the lack of fertilizer, so that it can mix with other chelated fertilizer such as zinc, manganese, magnesium, etc..






Chelated Iron(Fe) Content


Fe Ortho Ortho Content(O-O)

3.0%  3.6%  4.2%  4.8%

Molecular formula


Molecular weight


Solubility in   Water

100% Soluble

Used for PH


Appearance powder micro granule granule


Package20kg/bag, 25kg/bag, 20kg/carton or others packing as per clients' request.