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Hydrogen Cyanamide is a kind of plant dormancy breaking agent.

It can effectively stimulate active substances in plants thus to speed up the production of basic substances in plant.

It can stimulate crop growth,terminate sleep,especially have special effects on deciduous fruit trees with dormant habits which live in a temperate zone devoid of cold winters or planted in warm shed.

It usually can make crops germinate 7-15 days in advance and mature 5-12 days in advance, and make the initial germination of the cropss sprout orderliness and strong, and can increase crop yield,improve fruit quality.

Hydrogen Cyanamide has good effects on grapes,kiwis,apples,plums and apricots, as well as some peach and pear varieties,raspberries and figs with high cooling capacity



Guarantee value


Colorless or Slightly Yellow Transparent Liquid

Cyanamide Purity


Dicyandiamide Purity




Package: 5L drum, 10L drum, 20L drum,200L drum,1000L IBC drum

Other packages are also available for customization.